Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

5 reviews for Introductory Trial Deluxe

  1. Sal

    This is the best, try it!

  2. LaKesha W. (verified owner)

    Wanting to eat more healthy, I took the advise of a friend and gave Boycemode a try.

    I figured, I’d be supporting a black business at least once, since I’m not yet ready to be a vegan and if I like it all the more better.

    Little did I know. I ordered and received the Introductory trial.

    My initial thoughts were, wow, everything is well packaged. Being a sweets person, yes I checked for my snacks first. 🙂
    I put everything away for the next day, would be my new beginning to healthier eating.
    I greatly appreciated the follow-up information I was provided with how to pair the meal items , etc.

    I packed my bag and took my first days meal items to work. The garlixir I was concerned about, however it is actually palatable and I did not gag. The portion size of the meal I thought would be an issue, I mean really, it didn’t fill my plate, however I needed not have worried. I found myself to be quite full.

    If you are worried about taste, rest assured ypu will not be disappointed. The food looked appealing, as you know we eat with all our senses, if it doesn’t look right most often it will not taste right, if we indeed do try it. The aroma of the food when heated had me salivating amd let me tell you, the taste did not disappoint.

    So if you’re looking to transition to a vegan lifestyle or just want to enjoy a healthier eating lifestyle, I encourage you to make Boycemode your choice.

  3. Cheryl Gensinger

    My favorite meal plan in the history of time!!!!!! I have been ordering boyce mode weekly for over the last FIVE months! I will never stop! Nothing else compares and the owners are the most genuine caring people on the planet! BOYCE MODE 4E

  4. Csli (verified owner)

    Just received my trial today and am SO STOKED to eat this stuff! Been a vegetarian for almost a decade and just need a little help to go Vegan. Thank you, Boycemode!

  5. Ron

    Great tasting meals you can feel good about before, during and after eating the meal! Sam’s great guy and a great inspiration for anyone thinking of switching their diet. Watched Game Changers on Netflix, and along with the wife, have switch to 3 plant based days per week. The food quality is on another level. I buy it direct at the storefront in JC. Without question, I’m going to try this service. Looking forward to the Thai Meatball meal. Thanks Sam!

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